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I'm Amanda GB Breazzano, and I make things. I mostly work in porcelain and gold, and have a special place in my heart for jewelry and wearable art. Everything on this site is handmade by me and driven by my desire to both improve my techniques and try new things. 

I am inspired by craftsmanship (and craftswomanship) throughout history, the sometimes unexpected vividness of the natural world, and my fellow ceramic artists. I make things that I love and I am thrilled when other people love them too. 

I accept wholesale orders for boutiques and online stores, and am open to bulk collaborations. Please use the contact form to reach out. At this time I do not accept individual commissions. 

If you are looking for small-batch custom dinnerware, I recommend Brave Ceramics. That's the place to look for individual pottery lessons in the Austin, TX area as well. For restaurants and galleries looking for a production potter, you can do no better than Sunset Canyon Pottery

Thank you for visiting my website! Find me on Instagram for updates.